Zaragoza 2014: Jean Paelinck Seminar of Spatial Econometric   20-21 November 2014

7th Seminar Jean Paelinck

University of Zaragoza

Final Program (Update 20/11) (Program7JP.pdf)


November 20, 2014

8.30-9.00: Registration.

9.00-10.30: Opening Lecture. JORGE MARTINEZ-VAZQUEZ (Georgia State University)


“Geography and Decentralization”

10.30-11.00: Coffee-Break.


11.00-12.30. Chair: J. Mur

Invited Lecture by A. Battacharje:
Inference on Unknown or Endogenous Spatial Weights: Why's and How's
    Discussant: P. P. Burridge

Contributed Lectures

    C. Ertur, N. Debarsy: Interaction matrix selection in spatial econometric models. Application to the Schumpeterian growth model with worldwide interactions.
    M. Herrera, J. Mur and M. Ruiz: Selecting the Interaction Matrix: Some Useful Criteria


12.45-14.00. Chair: R. Basile

Invited Lecture by A. Pirotte: Neglected Dynamics and Spatial Dependence on Panel Data: How to Interpret the Estimates of Static Models?
    Discussant: M. Herrera

Contributed Lectures
    K. Kholodilin and A. Mense: Forecasting the prices and rents for flats in large German cities
    E. Antczak and K. Lewandowska-Gwarda: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Migration Processes in European Cities. Application of Different Types of W Matrices

14.00-15.00: Lunch.


15.00-16.30. Chair: C. Chasco

Invited Lecture by A. Ribeiro: Is accessibility important for cross-border development? The case of Portugal and Spain
    Discussant: R. Guillain

Contributed Lectures

    E. Bode, E. Rodriguez and M. Thissen: Border effects in Europe
    I. Brunetti, D. Fiaschi, L. Gianmoena and A. Parenti: An Index of Growth Rate Volatility: Methodology and an Application to European Regions

16.30-17.00: Coffee- Break.


17.00-18.30. Chair: J. Paelinck

Invited Lecture by R. Basile: Regional productivity growth in Europe: a Schumpeterian perspective
    Discussant: M. Gómez.

Contributed Lectures
    P. Aroca, C. Chasco and B. Sánchez: Spatial Probit and Logit Models for Grouped-Data on Flows.
    D. Fiaschi, L. Gianmoena and A. Parenti: Spatial Clubs in European Regions

SESSION 5 Panel Session

18.45-19.45. Chair: M. Atwi     Commenter: R. Mínguez

    P. Abelairas and I.Astorkiza: Employment, housing and population flows over the territory
    B. Larraz and J. Pavía: Spatial analysis of wage inequality in Spain



21.30: Dinner


November 21, 2014


8.30-9.00. Chair: N. Debarsy

     R. Bivand: Spatial econometrics and its antecedents: the weights matrix
Discussant: J. Paelinck

SESSION 7   Panel Session


9.00-10.00. Chair: M. Mayor  Commenter: M- Gómez


    K. Kopczewska, j. Kudła, K. Walczyk, R. Kruszewski and A. Kocia: Spatial spillover in relation between fiscal policy and GDP growth. Evidence from spatial panel estimation.
    R. Oller, J. Martori and R. Madariaga: Modelling distance effects with directional heterogeneity.


10.00-10.30: Coffee-Break.




10.30-11.50. Chair: F. López

Invited Lecture by R. Guillain: Interactions, knowledge spillovers and growth of european cities: do geography, institutions or international firms networks matter?
Discussant: A. Ribeiro

Contributed Lectures
    S. Çilem, J. LeSage and C. Autant: The Role of R&D Collaboration Networks on Regional Innovation Performance
    M. Gómez, M. Hortas-Rico and L. Li: Urban sprawl and the strategic behaviour of local governments. Evidence from Spanish urban areas


11.55-13.15. Chair: J.M. Montero

Invited Lecture by P. Burridge: Testing for a structural break in the Spatial Error Model
Discussant: A. Battacharjee

Contributed Lectures
    M. Maté, F. López, J. Mur and Mínguez R: The impact of neighbours on the financial behaviour of SMEs. Does the size firm matter?
    V. Gómez-Rubio, R. Bivand and H. Rue: The Role of the Weight Matrix in New Computational Methods for Spatial Econometrics 

Final Comments


JEAN PAELINCK: Spatial econometrics: a veteran's view.

13.45-14.30: Lecture. CHRISTINE-THOMAS-AGNAN (University of Toulouse)

    About predictions in spatial autoregressive models: Optimal and almost optimal strategies

14.30-15.30: Lunch

16.00-20.00: Workshop

Gianfranco Piras (West Virginia University)